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The Naturalites was the worlds first protectors, defended the human race with many threats. before humans evolved into superheroes they were their. Amara created two sets of gods from both the sun and moon spirits. At one point the earth was at peace until Amara's children turned against her in a mad struggle for power creating chaos that split both tribes into. And for many years the two tribes have being at each other throats for thousands of years. 

Lunarians: come from the Moon Spirit, and during the Winter Solstice they are at their most powerful.

Solarians: come from the Sun Spirit, and during the Summer Solstice they at their most powerful.



Members: Luka Angele, Aura-Roo, CY, LOX, Roddie, Wilda Beast, and Mult



Members: Arman, RA, Solara, Reign, Behemoth, Rampage, and Orm 

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