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Learn Even More About The Characters That Makeup Our Universe. 
Leader of the Solarian Tribe Younger brother of Luka Angele and is King of the Solarian Kingdom and Husband of Solara his is a world conquerer that is always look out for his people.
Aura ROO-
Lunarain-(Moon Tribe)
CY's little sister

Magicial Powers
Mother of the Naturalites and Sorceress. She the most power being on Earth and is the biggest test of Team APEX.
Bianca Afet
Bianca Afet: shy, adventurous by nature, and caring person that is more powerful than she knows but with her friends she will become comfortable in her on skin.
CY- the older sister of Aura-Roo, She is the field general of the Lunarians kingdom.
(Moon Tribe)
Laser Eye
Elecktro Man
Superhero from the planet Thunder Cloud. Elecktro Man is "King of the Galaxy" He is the face of the superhero community. He is well respected by people and other heroes a like. He the Leader of Team APEX.
Fire, and Shape Shiftier powers

Kharmela can be come anyone at anytime, through all that, she a very passionate person that can be hot headed at times. she knows when to put her feelings aside to do what is right.
Knight Eagle
Her power is that she's rich. Knight Eagle is a empowering individual that is a Police Chief and Hero, leader of world defense organization, and has the time to be the big sister to everyone she meets.
Loco Hiro
The Young Latino/Asian Hero is the Smart/tech hero of the Future. And leader of the Youth Mob.
The Powerhouse and the Armored Ball. Lox and Roddie are a powerful one two punch of the Lunarians kingdom that is never scared to to have a good time.
Luka Angele
Leader of Lunarian Tribe and the Older Brother of Arman he is a very wise leader that has been through a lot and tries to share this with his people.
Otto Tripp
A Teleporter

Otto Tripp is the younger brother of Waco Tripp is a kid that has powers and constantly hanging out with other like, Otto is pure of heart and wants use his powers for good.
Solarain (Sun Tribe)
Hyper Voice

Ra is someone that is looking for more out of life. this worker bee turned warrior looks to the best he can be.
Redd Dragon
Elecktro Man's Arch Enemy and the Father of Kharmela. He is a self made man that is still constantly searching for more, and thanks to Elecktro Man, he has found a new purpose in life by ending Stopping Elecktro Man.
The Wife of Arman the Queen bee of the Solarian Kingdom.
Ice Power Villain of Kharmela. Is a Cold-Blooded Hitman thats is never afraid to leave his victims on Ice.
He is the Older Brother of Elecktro Man (villain) He is a loner and wants the best himself.
Waco Tripp
An Earth Powered being that can shape the world around me. Funny and Strong Moral Judgement.
Wilda Beast
The Giant Oak Tree Naturalite of Lunarian. is the Muscle and Heart of this Tribe.
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He is the Older Brother of Elecktro Man (villain) He is a loner and wants the best himself.